A58 Maximus

We visited the TRNC for the first time in June 2008 and instantly fell in love with the people, the climate and everything else there. We decided that if any place was going to be worth investing in, the TRNC would be that place – the prices are still so affordable, everyone we came across were very friendly and helpful, and they drive on the same side as us too!!! It was towards the end of our stay that we met with Jack Afik and were shown around the Caesar Resort. The team were able to show us the "show apartments," and tell us about the special engineering designs that had been used in planning the build, (having the apartments designed so that IF there was ever a burst pipe or a flood, any water in the apartments would run towards the bathroom and down the drain rather than building up and crashing through the floor into the next apartment below!) We were very impressed and decided right there and then that we would buy. 

Since then, we arrived back in England with the "credit crunch" looming and instantly worried about what we had done regarding our commitment to buy properties through Jack. We emailed him explaining our concerns and he could not have been more helpful. We had to go back to the TRNC for another reason and arranged to meet with Jack whilst we were there. Again, Jack was incredibly caring and understanding and we talked our way through to a solution which allows us to continue with our purchases, even upgrading one of them, but with a back-up plan if needed.

Whilst we were there, we decided to call and see the project to see what had been happening since we were last there. It is amazing to see how much has been done already. The second phase had been started, the indoor pool was well on the way, gardens had been planted, walls had been built and finished, it was great. We also got the opportunity to meet with Jack's father whilst we were wondering around – obviously Jack has learned his caring nature from his father as we found him just as lovely as his son. We think that everyone should buy from the Afik group as it is very rare to come across people who are so genuine these days especially in the business sector. We have been in business ourselves for over 20 years, starting our business from scratch and have over the years come across many different types of people – the Afik family are very caring people and instil confidence into anyone who is a little nervous!

For anyone who is considering purchasing an apartment in the TRNC, we would recommend that you meet with the Afik team before you even consider anything else. We are sure, like us that you will find them the nicest people to deal with, totally honest, very genuine and extremely secure in the knowledge that all they are doing is of top class quality. The resort itself will have EVERYTHING you could ever need there, restaurants, gym, mini market, laundry, pools, and the list goes on, and with the beach only about a 3 minute walk away. Unless you are the type of person who requires their own villa and private swimming pool, then Caesar Resort is deffinately the place for you – if you do require the villa, speak to Jack anyway as we hear now that they have another building project called the "Caesar Bay". So without doubt, speaking to Jack or one of his team is deffinately worth while. We have spoken to a number of the staff and every one of them will do whatever they can to help you. If like us you are wondering if this is just because they want you to sign on the dotted line, be assured, nothing changes after you sign your contracts, everyone is just as nice, from our experience, this is a top class company and if we were to be asked by our friends and family, we would certainly tell them to buy through the Afik group!

Thank you Jack and the team – we are looking forward to many visits over the next few years!